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With the seasons changing, now is the time to think about your heating and air conditioning system. Is it in good shape? Does it need major work? Give us a call and one of our Certified technicians can work with you to see if your system is still in good condition.

Beware of Imposters!

Fraud Alert: Imposters posing as Heating and Cooling Contractors:
Four Seasons Heating and Cooling has been serving the greater Las Cruces area since 1987! And they just keep getting better!

Mike Alesi, President of Four Seasons, had a vision to build a comprehensive, full service heating and cooling business when he arrived in Las Cruces nearly twenty five (25) yearsago. And that vision has been transformed into a still growing enterprise. With a staff of well-trained technicians, installers, and assistants, the Four Seasons fleet sells, installs, maintains, upgrades, services and pleases their many satisfied customers throughout the region.

Mike credits his staff for their superior technical skills, ability to relate to clients and customers, willingness to go the extra mile to meet and/or exceed customer expectations, and adhere to the high standards he demands.

Four Seasons Heating and Cooling has something in common with every consumer in the greater Las Cruces area; They do not want you to be scammed or cheated by IMPOSTERS!
Four Seasons wants your business, that’s very true. But more important than that, they want you to avoid great financial and legal hardship by avoiding “contracting” with a less than honest person with a toolbox and a phony story!

To reduce the chances of you being cheated, ask the following questions and demand to see evidence of the responses;
How long have you been in business? Do you have a list of references I can contact that
will vouch for your work? I didn’t say cousins, I asked for references! Do you have liability insurance should you do any harm
to my property or I find something missing after you have been here? Do you maintain worker’s compensation insurance so that
if you or a helper gets hurt on my property, I am protected? Do you have full insurance protection on your vehicle? Are you a licensed contractor? Who granted you your license? Are you a member of the local builders association? Are
you a member of the Better Business Bureau? Will you make sure all licenses and permits are issued for this project prior to starting the job? Where are my copies? How long a warranty do you provide on your work? How do I get in touch with you should I have a problem after you are paid?

You receiving complete answers on the above will help you choose a contractor that will still be in business after the job is fully complete.

2012 is our 25th Year!

Thank you, our great customers, for allowing us to serve your needs, improve your comfort, and treat you fairly!  We will be celebrating you in 2012 with some special rewards and opportunities!  Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas!


We extend to you our sincere best wishes for the brightest of the holiday season to you, your family, and your friends!

Service is our core business!  We thrive on being able to please our customers and clients.  We ask our customers to tell us how we are doing after every service encounter, and learn continuously from your feedback and recommendations.  Your suggestions led us to have more professional looking uniforms, identification that tells you who we are, shoe covers that assure you that we ascribe to a clean environment policy, and more ready smiles on our faces.  Thank you for these great ideas!  We share all of the comments with our entire staff!

We also suffered a great loss this year!  Michael Vincent (Vince) Alesi, Director of Marketing, son of Michael and Linda Alesi, was taken from us!  He was 28 years old (7/16/1982 to 3/11/2011).  Vince contributed so very much to the success of Four Seasons Heating and Cooling!  His passing set us back in many ways.  The business greatly misses his energy, his enthusiasm, his creativity, his personality and his positive attitude.  As parents of a loving son, words cannot express the emptiness we feel.  Vince would be the first to tell us that we must live our lives to the fullest, as it is so precious!  And so, we will try!  We look forward to your support in this journey also.

2012 will be the 25th year of service by Four Seasons Heating and Cooling, LTD to the Las Cruces community!  We will be thanking our customers and clients as the year unfolds.  We will be asking your advice on ways to honor you for your loyalty, your referrals, and your feedback.

Is it Time to Replace the Furnace?

A furnace can last many years with great reliability as long as it receives regular and effective maintenance.  Overall, a furnace is a very dependable appliance.  And it is difficult for the average property owner to be able to determine the remaining useful life of their formerly trustworthy heat unit(s).  If “old reliable” is going to become “headache city”, you are going to want to study your options.

To make your decision best, you need to weigh these factors; 1.  Your present furnace efficiency.  2.  THE PERSONAL SAFETY OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  3.The cost of fuel now and over the next decade.  4.The “heating load” of your house – that’s the amount of energy required to maintain a steady 65 degree temperature indoors.  5.If you are renting your property, remember the tax deduction available to you.

If your furnace is old and worn out, your decision is easy!  Buy a more efficient model and add a preventive maintenance contract to better protect your investment over time.

Should you decide to replace your system with a high efficiency system, say 97% efficient, you would cut your heating fuel usage by at least 20% and most likely save even more than that in dollars as the price of fuels continue to rise.

Don’t forget other ways to make your investment even better.  Look for ways to reduce your heating load, such as through new weather-stripping, adding insulation or sealing other areas where outside air penetration is stealing your energy dollars.

Of course, the most important consideration of all is SAFETY!  With today’s newer closed-combustion power-vented units, problems of back drafting (when exhaust fumes get pulled in through the chimney) or the dispersion of carbon monoxide into the house via a cracked or corroded heat-exchanger are essentially impossible.

Service is our core business!

When you call Four Seasons Heating & Cooling for your service needs, we seek to perform up to your expectations.  Being in business in the greater Las Cruces area since 1987, our reputation is most important to us.  We want you to view our service as a real value and encourage you to 1) View Four Seasons as your Heating and Air Conditioning Company of choice, 2) Call us for your future needs, 3)Recommend our Services to your friends and family, 4) feel confident with the advice we provide, and 5) trust that we have your comfort and peace of mind as our goal.

What is so special about our service personnel?  1) Our technicians are certified professionals, qualified through a combination of formal education and expericnce, 2) They appear at your home, property or place of business looking professional.  Their dress states whom they represent, that they are certified and their first name, 3) Their service vehicle states that they are from Four Seasons Heating and Cooling, LTD, 4) Their smile states that they are pleased you called us and look forward to satisfying your immediate needs, 5) They bring along shoe covers which they use when inside your property to avoid needless tracking into your clean environment, 6) They use the best tools and equipment available, 7) They practice safe working havits and take all precautions possible, 8) They explain fully what they did on your property and leave behind a comprehensive report for your documentation and files, 9) And finally, the invoiced charges for their performance make sense.

What do our customers say about our service?  Here are a few quotes of documented Opinion Survey Results;  “Great service! I love (name of service person)!”  “He was prompt, courteous and friendly!”  “I appreciate the way (name of service person) carefully takes the air exchanger filter in and out.  I know it is a tight fit and I appreciate how careful he is not to ding the molding!”  “Excellent service – as always.”  “(Name of service person) is an outstanding representative of your company!”  “Top notch technician!  Received $200 rebate from El Paso Electric and am now ready for 100 degree days.”  “Since we first used Four Seasons, I have been impressed with your personel.  They are always friendly, courteous and professional.  I never feel talked down to or rushed.”  “Fast and reliable.  Explained everything to me!”  “You guys are great”

These comments are greatly appreciated by the service personnel.  There is even some friendly competition among them when they are praised by name and recognized for their excellence!

Your comfort system must fit your needs!

There is every reason to be confused about all the choices available in heating and air conditioning units and systems.  So many small to large decisions need to be made.  Even the experts can become confused with all the variables.

We at Four Seasons Heating and Cooling, LTD have developed an easy to use tool that will help.  It is based on nine (9) different choice elements.  Is very high energy efficiency important to you?  How about air purity levels?  When you set the thermostat after you get home from work and want it to get to your comfort zone, does it have to get to that temperature almost instantly, or are you able to wait a few minutes?  Is the sizeable amount of money you are spending thought of as an investment?  Do you need the lowest cost system that fits your needs?  Is ease of maintenance very important to you?

Here are the nine elements as we see them.

1.  High energy efficiency level.

2.  High air quality/purity.

3.  Quick response time to ideal temperature setting.

4.  Maximizing the best investment.

5.  Low initial cost of system.

6.  Ease of maintenance of system components.

7.  Maintains ideal temperature setting in severe conditions.

8.  Increases property values.

9.  Low noise level of system.

Rate each of these items on a one (1) to five (5) scale, with one (1) being of relatively low value to you and five (5) being a very high value item to you.  When you have rated these nine (9) variables using this one (1) to five (5) scale, give us a call at 575-523-4381 so that we can review your needs together and discuss options.  You will be so glad you did!

Preventive Maintenance Saves you Time and Money

“Hello, Mrs. Wise, this is Michael from Four Seasons Heating and Cooling.  It is time for a preventive maintenance check of your Heating and Air Conditioning System.  I was wondering what time next week might be most convenient for you.  Tuesday?  Would that be morning or afternoon?  Okay, Tuesday afternoon!  Would 3:00 pm work for you?  Very good, Mrs. Wise, our technician will be there at 3:00 pm next Tuesday.  Thank you!”

Your heating and air conditioning equipment is a major investment.  It is sold with a warranty to last for a set period of time.
Some components of that equipment, however, are not guaranteed for the same length of time.  One of the major reasons for this difference is that the manufacturer does not know how the equipment owner will take care of that equipment after it is installed.

When the equipment has a breakdown, it can happen on just the wrong day at just the wrong time.  And sometimes the repair can be very, very expensive.  All because the equipment was not properly maintained!

Here are the major reasons for preventive maintenance (PM) of your heating and air conditioning equipment;

1.  PM increases the speed and efficiency of your equipment.  2.  PM conserves energy.  3.  PM tends to extend the useful life of the equipment.  4.  PM can expose parts that are failing and recommend replacement before breakdown.  5.  PM can schedule work during regular hours rather than more expensive overtime hours.  6.  Dirt can be the biggest enemy of your equipment, and PM can mitigate damage.  7.  PM assures that your system is not needlessly producing carbon monoxide, which could lead to a very dangerous situation.  8.  PM assures you that vibrations are not damaging your system.  9. PM ssures that sufficient refrigerant is in your system, since studies show that a 10% drop in refrigerant causes a 16% increase in energy costs.  10.  PM will discover any return air leaks that increase energy costs.  11.  80% of compressors fail due to lack of preventive maintenance.  12.  PM can spot small problems before they become large, expensive problems.  13.  A 1/16th inch layer of dirt on your condenser cuts efficiency by  50%.  14.  Pm can be scheduled by you; a breakdown is never scheduled.  15.  Your PM records will show you and your technicians how key components are performing over time and predict problems prior to their occurrence.  16.  PM records will indicate to a new purchaser that the equipment is in good working order.  17.  PM records will assist you in any dispute with a manufacturer.  18.  PM will discover problems that affect the clean air quality of your home.  19. PM will assist the technician in advising you on correct equipment operation.  20.  PM can be a part of your budget.  Emergency repairs  seldom com inexpensively.

Call us for your preventive maintenance needs and let us set up a program right for you! Four Seasons Heating and Cooling, LTD has been providing preventive maintenance services to their customers since 1987.  Our customers tell us that our technicians are exceptional at being prompt, very well groomed, polite, honest, and can be trusted.  Our technicians also explain the mechanical status of your equipment very well.  When everything is working perfectly, the customer feels quite knowledgeable about why.  When something could be improved, the customer is given sufficient information to make an appropriate decision on what might be done.

Re-printed from the Las Cruces Sun-News, June 20, 2011

With temperatures on the rise in Las Cruces, an efficient air conditioning system is essential to ensure a cool, comfortable living or working environment. Summer temperatures in the desert communities throughout southern New Mexico are unbearable and often dangerous without the refreshment supplied by a functional cooling system.

Four Seasons Heating & Cooling has come to the rescue of residents throughout the Las Cruces area for nearly 25 years by installing and maintaining reliable air conditioning systems adapted to beat even the most scorching summer temperatures and continually supply the freshest air in the midst of severe dust storms.

Trusting your indoor weather system to Four Season means you’ll receive custom, energy-efficient installation and annual maintenance to ensure that all equipment continues to run efficiently and utility bills remain consistent.

Unlike corporate competitors, Four Seasons is a local business that has earned a reputation for meeting the highest standards in comfort and efficiency, prompt service and employing dedicated, highly-skilled technicians.

“Superior customer service is our top priority at Four Seasons,” said owner Michael Alesi.

When a customer calls, Four Seasons will schedule a consultation to discuss the installation of a new indoor weather system, improvements to current equipment or diagnose problems in order to better meet a homeowner’s needs.

No matter what a customer’s budget may be, Four Seasons works to educate homeowners provide customer installation and lower burdensome energy costs.

For a quarter century, satisfied customers have continued to rely on the quality service and advice provided by Four Season’s knowledgeable staff. The talented and experienced employees at Four Seasons “are our greatest assets,” Alesi said.
Committed to quality service, the company’s certified technicians remain up-to-date on the latest technology and rebate programs and thrive on customer satisfaction.

From energy-saving alterations for customers aiming to reduce consumption to air purification projects that greatly improve air quality for homeowners with breathing problems, Four Seasons employees work to solve the problems people have with their current systems and improve their comfort.

“We believe in high value – not high price – solutions,” Alesi said. “We want to find out what’s most important to our customers. Is it instant cooling, pure air, return on investment, reliability?”

The company continues to uphold its mission to meet the exact needs of clients by discussing desired outcomes and jointly developing the best solutions to create comfortable environments. Technicians are glad to perform informative diagnostics to give property owners insight into ways that they can save money and improve their comfort levels.

“You need someone you can trust these days,” Alesi said. “We want our clients to know exactly what they’re getting. We’re not just selling a unit; we’re providing a long-term solution.”

Four Seasons also provides preventative maintenance services to keep heating and air conditioning systems in optimal operating condition and keep energy bills consistent.

“It’s better to maintain your system than to replace it,” Alesi said. “You wouldn’t neglect having the oil changed or tires rotated regularly on your vehicle. Don’t run the risk of having your air conditioning system fail when temperatures are at 105 degrees.”

Repairs to existing equipment, regardless of brand, are a breeze for Four Seasons technicians, who are also skilled at replacing systems when necessary. Technicians are also equipped to convert swamp coolers to efficient, refrigerated air systems.

Stemming from humble beginnings, this family-owned business is dedicated to installing well-designed air conditioning and heating systems and conducting preventative maintenance with expert care.

Four Seasons owners Michael Alesi, President, and Linda Alesi, Vice President, as well as Vince Alesi, Director of Marketing (July 16, 1982 through March 11, 2011), have cultivated relationships with numerous longtime customers and have continually supported community organizations.

“This community is our home,” Alesi said. “It’s unfortunate that so many big businesses take advantage of people. To us, our customers, our employees are like family.”

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